Tuesday, 12 August 2014

JAVA/OOPS/Fundamentals in Daily Life

Hey All!
Yes, I know it has been too long for me to post! Somehow last few days, I just wanted to relax, and so, that’s what I kept doing! I have been a bit of blog hopper in those days. I did not open up my blog even once, but was going through other thought provoking blogs which talked about the topics that interest me the most.
Anyways, I will not bore you with the details, rather will come back to the post I intend to write today! Ever since I started this blog, I have been meaning to write about this but I could not gather my thoughts properly. So, last week, when I was doing the tit bits at home, I kind of scolded myself as to why I was procrastinating this post? What is the stuff that I want to gather? May be , I should just write what comes to me in one go, and when I get some other idea, I could write an update… Gud Idea right? Oh! Has it been too much of a suspense now? Sorry pals! I am going to mix personal and professional lives here….
Okay, so let me start now! I am applying my jobs fundas at home. Have you ever experienced that you are wearing, washing, ironing the same clothes again and again? What happened to the shirt that you wore three weeks back, that has never surfaced again? Where is it lost? ahhhhmmm… That is deep down in the laundry basket. The reason it happened ??? You practiced LIFO… Rather you should practice FIFO… No, it is not the name of another football league. FIFO stands for – First in, First out. LIFO stands for – Last in, First out.

The clothes that you put first in the laundry basket, should be the ones to be washed first! First cloth in the laundry basket, should be the first one to be out for washing! Simple !!! So, just practice FIFO in laundry and you will never experience the lost clothes in dirty laundry! And well – This has got nothing to do with java, but this is the one example I found that I can relate to the most in applying my work at home.
The maid came, cleaned the house, took out the garbage, but still you find dirty plates, or broken stuff or garbage at home? It does not look clean enough? Hmm…. May be you did not release your resources properly, so the garbage collector did not pick up the items and released the home of unnecessary stuff… This is the exact statement, one would use at work, if the application works slow. In simple language, If you are not using something, then release it and put in the appropriate place, so that when it is time to cleanup, everyone (including u) knows what stuff is to be thrown out. Makes sense????
Another thing, I have talked about earlier is – FTR – First Time Right… That is not java, just a methodology to follow no matter at work or at home. Whatever you do, do it FTR.
The other day, I was looking for something in the fridge, and was appalled to see, 4 different containers with curd, 4 containers with fruits, kneaded dough in 2 containers, used milk in three glasses. Ufff.. I immediately took a bigger container, and put the fruits together. One bigger container, and dough together, another container and mix milk.(Once the milk is cold enough we can mix). This is a day to day example. But I can relate this to normalization of tables, code optimization. Why take a bigger container and put a small dough ball? Why 2 spoons of curd in a big container which can accommodate half kg curd?? (Really, I am not exaggerating.. but that is how someone at my home works… wink wink)… Ha ha, Actually my MIL works this way. No, I am not criticizing, just different people have different ways of working. Why have same sabzi in different containers? Normalize dear Normalize!! Do not keep the same thing in different places otherwise it becomes difficult to manage. Why put the kadhai itself in fridge in which the dough is kneaded ???? No way !!! These little bits of things, I always relate with Code Optimization. Use the optimum sized boxes for related stuff. Similarly, the medicine box, I don’t prefer to keep it in bedrooms. That has commonly used medicines too, and so should be kept at a common place accessible by everyone (except the kiddo). Right????
Enough of fundas for the day!! Did you relate to any of the stuff I mentioned above? Do you apply any fundas related to your work, at home? I would love to know.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Solution to Laziness


Hey All!

I have been too lazy these days. For past few days I just did not feel like cleaning up or sorting the laundry. So the clothes were piling up in the room waiting to be put away. So, what do I do to clean up all the mess???/

Well, I resorted back to my old mantra. Earlier, whenever we lacked the will to clean up our house, we would invite our friends over. No, No, No. Not for them to clean up. But inviting them over for lunch or dinner on a weekend, would give us a deadline by which we just HAD TO CLEAN UP. It seems I work best under pressure. So, that invitation was just the right pressure for us to get to working and get the house sparkle clean.


So, this time I did the same. I called over my friend whose son is my son’s classmate and a very good friend. That invitation built up the right pressure and motivated me and I CLEANED UP.

Oh! Please don’t think bad about me! That’s how I work. UNDER PRESSURE!! MEETING THE DEADLINE. Completing the project well in time before the deadline. And well, That solved the purpose !


What is your solution to the laziness? How do you motivate yourself? Please tell me I am not the only one who gets lazy in cleaning… Or Am I ????

Friday, 11 July 2014

Leftover Wood Reuse!


Hi Friends!

Today’s post is completely inspired by a post on ‘www.dressyourhome.in’ post. Laksh today talked about the uses of leftover pieces of wood and that reminded me that although I had planned on this post when I started this blog, I actually never did it. Her post today made me come to reality that I am not being organized about writing my posts in the order they should be. Learn girl, Learn!!!

So, coming to the uses of leftover wood, Remember my post on ‘A Store to Store Stuff’. After that store, we had a few pieces of wood planks left over. I actually wanted to throw them right away and something came over me and I saved those pieces. It had been a few months and one day I was going through some Interiors magazine, Don’t remember the name or the article. What I do remember is, that there was some statement like – Stop saying that you don’t have a space in your home for something. Look around, create space. Creating space does not mean breaking walls, it means to look and think outside the box. Look for spaces where you would never think of doing something, and you will find a space which is perfect for your needs. This statement touched the right bells in my head, and I actually started looking around all over my home. And there it hit me….

For past sometime, I was feeling the need to have some showcase in our home where we could display the cute little knick knacks. I did not want to add a showcase on the floor space just for eye candy purpose. So, the place that I found was the purrrrrfect space…

Remember the photo from our first home….

Here are the two spaces that came to my mind :


The upper arrow indicates the space for showcase. And the kitchen entrance marks the space for medicine cabinet. Here is the AFTER picture for both these spaces:



Both these are made up of the leftover wood planks. I had enough mica left from the store to cover up for the showcase. But for medicine cabinet there was no mica left. I did not want to spend Rs. 500 on 8x8 mica sheet just to use 1x1 of it. So instead, I got creative. I had many greeting cards from my college days that were just collecting dust. I took a bright yellow chart paper, and pasted the cute flowers from those greeting cards and covered up the wood planks. For the edges, I bought a few fake sea shells from local market at throwaway prices and covered them. In the end, it looked so lively and beautiful and moreover it served the purpose well. There was no central space in our 2 BHK apartment for medicine storage. This place had a great function. This makeover is 7 years old. Had I been exposed to blog world that time, I would have put the bottles in a box and would have covered it with cute liners like I have done in this new home.

Corner Unit     medicineBox

Nice memories I have of that home. All thanks to Laksh for making me nostalgic and inspiring this post.

What is your leftover wood planks story??

Monday, 30 June 2014

ILU’s 1st Birthday Party!!


Hey Everyone!!

  There is a Whatsapp message going around these days ---

“Most Important question facing the country these days --------


Tere bachon ka holidays homework ho gaya kya?’

(Translation: Is your kids holidays homework complete?)

And to which my answer is still no! The school opens in another two days now and we still are not done! This June month has been super busy in our household. Every weekend either we were out or we were busy planning for the little one’s b’day. I had mentioned about this bday party in my last post. And as promised, I am back with an update on that.

We planned for ILU’s party on 21st June, although her bday was on 11th. The party was planned in a restaurant where we had already attended another 1st bday party and we had liked the space and the food there. So, once we finalized the place, we started planning for different events for the party. First and foremost, I wanted to do a movie featuring our daughter – meaning, I wanted to make a video clip of her pictures aligned with appropriate songs. Song selection was one tedious task, but finally I selected three songs. Once those were identified, editing the songs to keep the required portions of the songs, aligning the pictures according to the song, and then joining all these together took most of the time. All of this took too much of my time, but I completely enjoyed the process. Actually I loved the process. Watching all the pictures starting from her birth took me down the memory lane and most days I was awake late in the night just going through all the pics.

This video clip was to be the star of the party. After this was planned and worked upon, came the bday party d├ęcor. We wanted a flex banner to be put up on the stage displaying few adorable pics of our daughter. The balloon colors were White, pink, purple and a few golden ones. Ain’t these the obvious colors for a girl’s birthday party????

Has it been too much of talking (I mean writing) without pictures????

Here are some of the pics from the party.









And the star of the party – The Video -

There has been some error in uploading the video on this blog.

Here is the link to the youtube where I have uploaded this.


I had planned for two games in the party. One game for the kids, and one for the couples.

Kids game was simple – I made a face on a chalkboard , and the kids were supposed to put a ‘Bindi’ mark with chalk with eyes blindfolded. It was fun to watch the kids trying to adopt different means to manipulate the ‘Bindi’ place.


Couples game was interesting- One person picks up a slip which has the name of an object written on it. He/she has to explain the object in terms of shape without revealing its function. The other person draws the explained object on a chalkboard and guesses/identifies the object. This game was very well received by the couples and actually two of the couples took it on their ego –‘ Arre guess kaise nahin kar paaye???’. (Why couldn’t you/I identify the object??’).


Do you see the drawing there.. That is supposed to be a ‘Gas Stove’… Ha….

Overall, Everyone enjoyed in the party, and the games and the video were a good hit. After making the video I feel like I am an expert in songs editing, joining and video making. If any one of you wants to know about it, I would be more than ready to help.

After the 21st of June, I felt like I had no work left to do. I felt so free and EMPTY!!! But the sense of accomplishment filled me. (ha ha).

Overall the party was a success and everyone enjoyed a lot…

How did you spend your month of June?? The vacation time??? Was it as busy as mine???

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Busy Bee!!!

Hey everyone!!!

 In case you are wondering why I am not posting these days, well,  I have been super crazy busy this month. Actually I am that busy that I could not even write the post about being busy.(wink wink)

Every weekend is super hectic and weekdays are even more work. This Saturday we are celebrating our daughter's first birthday and this whole week I have been so much busy planning all the operations and what not. I will be back next week, hopefully to give a detailed description about the whole event.

Take care !!!!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

(Re) Organized Linen Closet


This is actually an update of my previous linen closet organization post. I had mentioned in that post of a probable reorganization. Earlier, when I had organized the linen closet, I had put the sheets sideways. In fact, that was the only way I could have arranged the sheets.

About a month and a half back, when our home renovation got over, we had an extra storage space to hold sarees and suits. I grabbed that opportunity to move out the ONCE IN A WHILE use suits / sarees / coats to that storage space (Post on that coming soon) and had a brand new space to hold the sheets.

I wanted to hang the bedsheets in order to have easy accessibility. I have not seen it anywhere, and I was not even sure if that would work or if that would look good. I took out all the sheets, and folded the sheets like this.

folded sheet

Then put the sheet in a hanger. All this took about 15-20 minutes for all the sheets. But the result was amazing.

The closet looked beautiful with hanging sheets. The sheets are easily accessible. I folded the pillow covers nicely and put on the shelf.

Here is the picture of the closet..


And this is the picture of previous linen closet holding the towels and the lower shelf housing the cover sheets.


Here is a correction to my first statement of this previous linen organization post :

“I arranged my linen closet about a month and a half back and it has remained organized since”.

Honestly, I am so very happy about it. And this is a statement that I had never expected to make. But this has been so amazing, so beautiful, so hassle free, so accessible and so easy to maintain. Any such organization which is easy to maintain and easy to use is a winner in my dictionary.

How do you keep you sheets organized?

Friday, 23 May 2014

Daily Maintenance is the key!!


Good Morning Friends! This post has been pending for last four days. Every now and then, I would get involved in something or the other so just could not post it. Last weekend was pretty hectic for us and jam packed with few outside ventures with a family visiting us. The visit was informed to us just a day in advance which gave me the opportunity to apply the Lesson Learnt! 

For past one month, our house has been relatively clean. I say relatively, because it is not sparkling clean all the time, but still now it is presentable at all times. I feel so nice while writing this post because this has been possible by adopting one good habit – Daily pickup and cleanup.

About a month back, I had challenged (Read forced) myself to dust the house before going to bed everyday.  Why before going to bed – you ask???? Well::


Am I right or am I right?

So before going to bed was the perfect time to get to cleaning. No matter, how clean / bad it might seem, I would still dust it, with damp microfiber cloth. There were two advantages to it.

One – Since I was dusting at night, right before going to bed, no one would come interrupt, and that time, the house would get picked up too.

And secondly – In the morning, we would wake up to a clean and ordered house (because I put the things in their respective places at the time of dusting).

I did not blog about this habit, because I wanted to wait to ensure that this is going to become a habit. And I am happy to report that this surely has become a habit for me. There still have been days when I did not dust, but honestly, the next day, it still did not look bad.

I am not using any cleaning products. A simple microfiber cloth and water, that is it. For me, it is working wonders.

Here is what I take up:

Living Room:

Daily : Center Table, two side tables, extra TV unit, console table, TV wall panel.

Weekly / 3-4 days : Photo Frames, inside the media shelf.

Dining Room:

Daily: Dining Table

Weekly / 3-4 days : Crockery Unit

Lobby :

Corner Unit ( Alternate Days)

Son’s room:

Daily: Study Table top, Side Table, Dresser

Weekly / 3-4 days : Book Rack, Study Table shelves

Our Room:

Daily: Wall unit including the folding table, one shelf each day according to the day, both side tables, Bed Back.

Weekly / 3-4 days : Crib between the bars, Photo Frames, Photo Wall Clock.

After about two weeks of doing daily stuff (As mentioned above), I included few more things in this process. I included the photo frames (on random basis – like every 3 –4 days), dusting each and every thing in my son’s room, between the bars in crib, photo frames in master bedroom. Remember the wall unit in master bedroom?? It has 10 shelves in total on both the sides. I put that on my dusting list according to the numbered days. So, on the 1st I would dust the first shelf. on 2nd I would take up 2nd shelf, and so on. Then from 11th, this will repeat. Since I started from the middle of the month, I started from the 5th shelf, but boy! Am I glad I did that… The inside and outside of the wall unit looks so clean now. Every obvious place in the house remains free of dust.

When you are just contemplating doing something, the task does feel daunting. And sometimes, that would make you procastinate and putting off the task. But as is said, Starting is always the difficult part. Once you start, it does not really take that long and does not even feel intimidating. Till the time, I had not started dusting, I used to feel that it is at least an hour job. Add to it the pickup time and I felt it is not doable daily. Oh! How wrong I was! All of this does not take me more than 20 minutes. 15-20 minutes, that is what I put and I get hours of smiles ???? … I’ll take it.

So, this daily task and the ‘Upkeep’ makes the house clean and well maintained. I am glad I have incorporated the daily maintenance in my daily schedule. This is the reason when this weekend when we were expecting company, we were not rushing to cleanup the house top to bottom. Smile

So, this weekend when we entertained our guests, I felt so relaxed because we were not rushing to clean every inch of space in the house. It was mostly clean, just the daily stuff we had to take care of.

What are your daily chores?? I would love to know your daily routine of how you keep your home dust free….

Happy Weekend!!!!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Lesson Learnt!!!


‘Atithi Devo Bhava’… This is a common term used in India when it is time to entertain the guests. God visits the homes in the form of guests, and so it is our duty to serve them well – this is the notion behind this phrase. These days, visiting each other’s places has come down. But there is still one occasion, where such visits and staying over happens – The Wedding ceremonies. No marriage is complete without the gathering of relatives. But entertaining and making arrangements for the guests is an art.

I nowhere claim to be an expert in entertaining, in fact, I am learning and am in the nascent stage. I have not single handedly arranged for guests and I have made many mistakes, but a recent encounter with some intolerable mis-arrangements led me to write this post. I was so disappointed with the way no arrangements were done for a gathering of about 15 people. I have learnt a few lessons and would like to go over them.

1) Ensure the bathroom doors get locked properly. I mean this is a basic and very important room where everyone needs privacy. It should get locked even if there are no guests in the home, and when it is a gathering of four families, it definitely has to be taken care of. Three days that we spent at a recent ceremony, we used to make sure that there is someone outside to watch the door so that no one can barge into the ‘Bathroom in use’…

2) Dust your house properly. Now again, this is something that should be done daily or as required, but when people are coming in to stay, make sure everything looks neat and clean and fresh. One should feel relaxed and fresh, not going ‘Ewww.. ‘ for looking at dust in the commonly used area. Finding dust in the master bedroom bedside tables or at the back of bed is certainly not someone expects. Also, washbasins should be cleaned up before the guests arrival. How would you feel if you find dust in and around the washbasins, or the spitups still stuck to the basins… ‘Ewww’… right???

3) Make sure you have enough water daily, both for drinking and washing. Make arrangements, if the water supply or water accumulation in your daily routine is limited. I mean what harm is in there to have an extra bottle of drinking water, just in case, which so happened in our case? Wouldn’t it be thoughtful and a blessing, if there is a camper of water with ice in it for everyone to take chilled water from there, instead of either having normal water or putting ice cubes in the water every time one craves for chilled water in the hot summer afternoon.

4) Oh for God’s sake, ensure there is enough water in and through the taps and BUM GUNS (jet spray) in the bathrooms and toilets. I mean, do I really need to do that? Shouldn’t that be a pre-requisite for a normal day too?

5) If you are preparing for your guests in summers/winters, and if you have ACs/coolers/heaters at home, ensure that each one of them is working properly. I am emphasizing on the bold phrase. I am surely not saying that you need to buy these appliances just for your guests, I am just saying that if you have them, then they should be in working condition. Runtime failures do happen, and there is no fixing that, but ensuring timely service of these appliances can minimize the risk.

I do understand that mistakes do happen and there is more often than not, one thing or the other overlooked at. But the things that I have mentioned above, are the things which should be taken care of in the normal day to day life and living. These are not the things which take a lot of money to get fixed,  but yes, they do need attention and willingness of the home owners.

Above mentioned were the situations that we found very irritating and frustrating. I promised myself that I would not let my guests go through such kind of problems, at least not the expected ones. These are the things which are basic to one’s life and hygiene which I will make sure do not happen in my household. Writing this post took me almost a year back, when we had gone for my brother’s wedding. There I found something very pleasing and would like to add to my list of ensuring.

There were 30+ guests staying at my parent’s place for that wedding. Four-rooms were accommodating them and few were at nearby neighbor’s place. My mom made a small basket for each family comprising of a soap, a shampoo and conditioner satchet, a small oil bottle, small lotion bottle, a small comb and a small toothpaste. Each family on arrival was given this. I found this so charming and so thoughtful. That is something I do want to incorporate when we entertain our guests.

This has become a long post. And let me tell you, the first time I wrote this post, it was all cribbing about the issues. But I made sure to sleep over the post, and now in the morning I have written this post right from scratch and gave a twist to the episode and made it a lesson learnt.

What do you normally do to ensure a pleasant stay of your guests? The issues that I have mentioned, do you feel I am overreacting to them? Have you ever faced any such frustrating issues?

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Our Living Room

Hi Friends!!!

This post has been pending since long. Last two months, we were busy with the carpenter and then the painter. Now that all that is settled, I wanted to do a post for each room one by one. And it seems, today is the day to start with the living room. Let me give you the old photograph which shows what we had in the beginning.

The fabric on the sofa was so dark, I never liked it. But that was something that we lived with for almost 8 months.

We had a wall unit for TV which was almost 6 yrs old, and was in a pretty good condition.But this TV unit just did not give 'The Look' in this living area. It took up so much space, and the side shelf units, although had a pretty good storage capacity, did not make any sense in the living room.
So, then we started with measuring and finalizing on the design and aesthetics of sofa. We decided to get made seven seater sofa (3+2+2) and two puffs in order to accommodate a good gathering. Fabric selection took the most time. We wanted to have a square center table(coffee table) to go with the sofa but were not sure of the design. And then, one fine day, I decided on a design which made use of our old coffee table too.
It took us time, but now finally what we have is what we like. In addition to changing what we had, I wanted to add in some side tables and accessories to the room. We are still lacking the accessories, but the other tables we were able to add to our liking. I added one console table to the mix as well. Now come the pics of the changed room.

The wires that you see around the TV are just temporary. Our TV crashed three times in last four months. It seemed like the life of TV was over. So had to buy a new TV this weekend. The TV installation guy from company is yet to arrive, may be today. Once he installs this TV on the panel, the wires will be gone.

It seems so open, so airy and so accommodating now in the living room. Everything seems to have a place We still need to accessorize the place, but that would be a work in progress. As and when we find something suitable, we'll add. The old TV stand that you see in changed room pic in corner, that is again going to be a changeover piece of furniture. There will be a post on that very soon. 

Do you like the changed look? What kind of changes have you taken up around your house???

Thursday, 24 April 2014


This post comes a little late but well! these days I just try to squeeze as much time as possible. Home straightening is going on, but along with that the preparations are on for my son's 7th birthday. Mix all that with the lousy teacher discussions with the school friends' moms and then follow ups with the academic head, and you get a great 'Khichdi'.

 Anyways, These days I am upto a challenge with myself and all the other GREAT goings as mentioned above. Continual upkeep of the home. As I have mentioned, some of the areas of my home are in a mess, but still there are some which are clean and mess free. My challenge is to keep them tidy and clean at all times. I am not there 100% yet for all the areas, but I can say, I am doing very well is keeping up the master bathroom and kitchen. The appliances are kept sparkling clean and 80% of the tiles are clean. In case you are wondering of the missing challenge , let me tell you that I am not taking any extra time to clean / maintain the cleanliness in these areas. I am just utilizing my time in these areas in an efficient manner. Like, when I am making tea, instead of waiting for the tea to boil, I am cleaning up the cabinet doors and tiles. Similarly, while waiting during my son's bath, the bathroom is getting cleaned up. Absolutely no extra time is being devoted. And it is working...... (so far).

I hope they will say this for me some day....

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sell–> Keep-> Renovate-> Love


Hey Friends!!! In case you are wondering about the title of the post, let me assure you that by the end of this post, you will know why it is titled so. This is going to be a long post with lots of pictures….

Whole of march and half of April, our house was in the hands of carpenter or painter. And since, there were places that we could not use much, the accessible places became a mess, specially my son’s room. It is still a mess, but the rest of the house is taking its shape now. Mostly every room has undergone some change , some have minor changes and some have a completely different look. I will talk about the rooms in my later post. But this post, I am specifically dedicating to one piece –> Our TV Wall unit.


Sometime back, I had mentioned about this wall unit, that we wanted to sell. We had actually finalized on the price as well with the buyer (Rs. 3500). One fine day, we called him and told him that he needs to just take it away now that our woodwork was in progress. He responded that he will come in a day or two and will take the piece away. We waited for him for a week, and then he came. He said that he will come back in few hours after arranging for the transport.And then, he did not come back. Meanwhile, we were almost certain that he is either not willing to buy it, or he wants to lower the price. I was fed up of the mess and uncertainty and the dependency on someone. I talked to the carpenter and made a decision to reuse that wall unit.

To remind you, this is the picture of the wall unit.


We have a TV in my in-law’s room, but the wall unit was too much overpowering in that room. It took so much space and the left side shelves were really not that usable. I asked the carpenter to make four parts of this structure. One wall panel, second lower cabinet, third shelves rack, and fourth the corner unit. I have tried to depict the different components of the wall unit explaining what was made into what.

Edited Wall Unit Picture

He did that , and lo, we had such amazing pieces of furniture to use. The corner unit was too tall, so I asked the carpenter to put the shelves in between to make a small size corner unit to be placed at the far end of our lobby.

We had a small unused mica sheet left from another project (Study table) and another mica sheet from the new storage almirah, which the carpenter fixed on the unit. This piece now holds our medicines and such stuff. This also gives a much needed pop of red color in this area. This is a closer view.

Corner Unit

This is how it looks from the living room.



I simply love this look and it serves a great function too, an accessible place for medicines.

The second piece is left portion of shelves with the glass door. The carpenter shortened it and made two pieces with one extra shelf. The extra shelf was used in the kitchen, one box serves as bed side table in in law’s room, and three shelves put horizontally and serve as book rack in my son’s room.



Remaining were the wall panel and lower cabinet. The wall panel is put on the wall with a small TV, and I got a shelf inserted in the lower cabinet which is now used for seating and inside is a book rack.



I am still not done with the uses. There were still a few pieces left. Two big shelves which were used in this console table.(Yes, I got that made too). I will relate the story later.

console table

The crockery unit that we had gotten made, did not have enough shelves to put cups and glasses. So the glass shelf that we got from wall unit, I put that in the unit and wow… we had enough space.


Can you see the extra shelf which has the glasses on it???

The only thing remaining was two small shelves and the glass door. The shelves again went into the kitchen for extra shelving needs in cabinets and the glass door, I got that fixed in the balcony horizontally to hold the smaller and cute looking planters for plants.


This is in its current state. We still have not cleared up the mess from balcony and my son’s room.

After having got all this done, I feel really satisfied . A simple book shelf would cost us Rs. 2000. Even by including the cost of labour , around Rs. 2000 , I feel that we got stuff worth more than 12-15K.

Phew!! That is it from my side today.. For past one and a half months, I have not been writing regularly for my blog. Although, in my head, the posts publish daily. I have written earlier as well that I do intend to go back to writing regularly but something or the other happens and all my commitments go down… So, today I am not committing anything. We’ll see how it goes.

In the end, do you now relate to the title of the post?? Is the title apt?? What do you think of the uses I got out of the wall unit? I would love to know….

Monday, 7 April 2014


Finally !I am glad I am writing this post!!The carpenter is out of our house. Now the wood polish and paint work is remaining.. But that will just be a 2-3 days job,once it gets started,hopefully tomorrow! This past one month,I have got so many things done,that I just am not able to understand as to from where should I start narrating. Oh well'! I will just go one by one. The house is still a mess but this is still tolerable. From tomorrow, I will be on organizing spree, and I plan to share all that with you! Oh , did I mention ,I am glad to be back on blogging! And actually, I have already started organizing bits and pieces, and the proof of that - I am blogging from my googlenexus - the tablet. I have charged this tablet after around 8 months! Don't ask me why please!!!!

Phew!! I will just leaveyou With a few pictures of my home in the current state. From tomorrow, I will post about the work/organizing and other stuff.....

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Slow and Steady!!!!

Dust, Mess everywhere and still loving it!!! Dont get me wrong! Although now, I am a bit tired of looking at the mess all over at home, I am still loving the feeling that finally  I am getting some concrete and beautiful done and that too to my liking.

I had mentioned in my last post, that we have outsourced the woodwork that we had planned to get done. Although the closet that we wanted was completed in a week, I am coming up with new work for the carpenter almost daily. And so far, we have gotten quite a few things done.The work is in the last stages now, hopefully it should be over by this weekend, provided I dont come up with any new tasks.(wink wink)

Since all that is getting done, the laptop remained hidden for the initial days. Then One fine day, it surfaced and I thought of writing down my post. Then realized, that it was not charged. Looking for the adapter to charge it was going to be a tidious task with a baby in one hand. So, I just let it be.

The reason I am narrating this story is to let you know that although in my head I really did not want any gap in my blogging, but sometimes my laziness, sometimes circumstantial, it just happened.For past few days, all the time I am thinking of the stuff that I want to be done with the residuals, much to the dismay of carpenter.

 I will be back next week (With high hopes) with pictures of my home.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Medicine box


In my winter vacation trip, I had mentioned about getting the desired Shelf Liners from the Agra market. And boy, I had got some lovely patterns that time. I was itching to use them over the boxes for quite some time, I just was not getting any chance and time Sad smile Yesterday, I made the sweet corn soup. And finally decided to use the new soup bowls gifted by my brother on Diwali. As I uncovered the box, the top of that seemed like the perfect container for this mess and this place.



And that is when I decided to release the itch I was facing for days. Smile I selected this cloth (shelf liner) for covering the box.


I just love these liners instead of the wrapping papers because these tend to give a more neat look.

It did not take long for this box to go from the first picture to the second one.




The overall look is really neat and all the medicines are corralled in one box at one place. If you are wondering why I did not give the complete picture, Well, there is a very big reason behind it. Sometime back I had mentioned that we are planning to get some wood work done in the shaft window… Finally we have been able to do some progress on that front. We have hired an experienced professional to do the job for us… And right now, we are living in this mess.



The space is open now and waiting for the carpenter to fit in the storage almirah in there. I will blog about this in the coming days once we have all this ready. Actually, since the work had already started on that, this post is coming 8 days late. This box was done last tuesday, and today only I could blog about it.. No, Its not about being lazy this time, I really just did not get time to charge my laptop and transfer the images and then write a complete post about it.

So, that’s it from me now… Will be back next week…. C’ya….