Friday, 7 March 2014

Medicine box


In my winter vacation trip, I had mentioned about getting the desired Shelf Liners from the Agra market. And boy, I had got some lovely patterns that time. I was itching to use them over the boxes for quite some time, I just was not getting any chance and time Sad smile Yesterday, I made the sweet corn soup. And finally decided to use the new soup bowls gifted by my brother on Diwali. As I uncovered the box, the top of that seemed like the perfect container for this mess and this place.



And that is when I decided to release the itch I was facing for days. Smile I selected this cloth (shelf liner) for covering the box.


I just love these liners instead of the wrapping papers because these tend to give a more neat look.

It did not take long for this box to go from the first picture to the second one.




The overall look is really neat and all the medicines are corralled in one box at one place. If you are wondering why I did not give the complete picture, Well, there is a very big reason behind it. Sometime back I had mentioned that we are planning to get some wood work done in the shaft window… Finally we have been able to do some progress on that front. We have hired an experienced professional to do the job for us… And right now, we are living in this mess.



The space is open now and waiting for the carpenter to fit in the storage almirah in there. I will blog about this in the coming days once we have all this ready. Actually, since the work had already started on that, this post is coming 8 days late. This box was done last tuesday, and today only I could blog about it.. No, Its not about being lazy this time, I really just did not get time to charge my laptop and transfer the images and then write a complete post about it.

So, that’s it from me now… Will be back next week…. C’ya….

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