Monday, 24 February 2014

Organized Linen Closet


“I organized my closet once and it has stayed the same ever since” – said no one in this whole wide world.

Seriously, Why can’t the closets remain organized once and for all. When we moved into this apartment, I had set up the linen closet quite nicely and used to feel real proud of that. Past 6 months now, the closet is not the same and yes the feeling too is not the same. Infact, it was so bad, that it was always a struggle to push close the door.


I have been thinking about organizing it for quite some time but u know.. TOO LAZY…. This weekend, something came over me and I decided to shun my laziness. Enough was enough…. I just could not take it any more and jumped into action. First, I took out all the stuff. Once out, the bed was all filled with the sheets and what not.


Can you see my little girl’s head peeping from behind……I was keeping her entertained by playing ‘Peek-a-boo’ during this process.

Then one by one, I took out the sheets / curtains and decided which ones should be kept in the less accessible places which were of one time use or the extra stuff which rarely gets used. All that stuff went in the upper cabinet and left me wondering why the extra curtains and quilt cover were there at the eye level cabinet, whereas the daily use sheets were crammed in between. Oh the days of ‘Will come back to you again…’. The second shelf was dedicated for the extra towels, which I rolled and kept for easy access. Finally the lower shelf housed the bed sheets. I put the bed sheet and one pillow case nicely folded in the second pillowcase. And kept this packet sideways nicely tacked. One over the other bed sheets just does not work because then it is a pain to take out the lower stacked sheets.

Here is the final picture…


Can you believe, except for one crocheted without sleeve jacket, it is the same stuff that was there earlier. Now, everything is nicely lined, the door closes easily and the closet is nice to look at.

I do have vision of rearranging this closet with sheets hanging instead of stacking sideways in order to make use of the vertical space. I am still going through the ideas in my head. May be, once I have it sorted out myself, I will come to this closet again, but for now, this is functioning well.

How do you keep your linen closet organized? What are the tricks that you follow? Do you have any ideas to share as to how to use the vertical space for hanging sheets?

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