Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Taking Control of Laundry


Laundry Laundry Laundry!!!! A few weeks back, everywhere you looked in our kitchen balcony there were clothes, clothes and more clothes. In India, SUN is our clothes dryer, and in those days, it was all foggy, no sun and we would wait for days for one lot to dry. There were heaps of clothes to be washed and they would take forever to dry. Then one day, I just decided to put an end to it.We bought the clothes dryer to make the drying easy and in control. Then, for continuously three days, our washer and dryer did not stop running. Such was the backlog of clothes.

After three days, when clothes were finally in the manageable position, I decided it was the time for overhaul. Our balcony is not designed for both washer and dryer. So, the way these both were placed, there really was not much space left in the balcony. For washing, we had to move a few things, and for drying even more things. But now was the time to spring into action and do the necessary changes to make it look organized and a happy place. So, this is what I started with:

photo photo(1) photo(2)

My plan was to have both washer and dryer on one side. And for that to happen, we needed to have the electrical and water connection on the other side. The right side of the balcony where the washing machine was residing till now, did not have enough space to accommodate the dryer as well. So, we had to move the both to left side where there was no pipe to block the space. In India, we do have the option to outsource this job to plumber and electrician. And That is exactly what we did. So, after 2 days and about a thousand rupees, we finally had the kitchen balcony in control, where we felt that doing laundry was a pleasant job.

Here are the after pics, (which I took in night.. Don’t ask me why!!! Sad smile) :


How do you handle laundry during foggy / rainy days?

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