Friday, 21 February 2014

Wait over!


Remember my post regarding this tiered rack? The website had mentioned that it will take 14-15 days. Well, it didn’t. It took just 7 days… I received the rack day before yesterday and I sprung into action right away. I was so excited that I did not even take the before picture. Sad smileBad blogger that I am!!! But the after picture of course, is here…


The spice cabinet was really in a bad shape. This kind of an organizer is perfect for such cabinet because all the jars are visible properly and no jar is lost in the back. I really do like this organizer and the way it has fitted in the space. Oh! and btw, I received two racks. One is still sitting on the counter,waiting to be put in to use. Smile

How do you organize your spice cabinet? Do you use any organizers / racks? Do you prefer open cabinet instead?

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