Monday, 3 February 2014

Doing it FTR!!!


Do you relate to this? All those in the corporate world will find this word quite familiar. FTR is – First Time Right!!!

Do the work that you are doing the ‘First Time Right’. If you are developing something – Do it ‘First Time Right’. If you are preparing a document – Make it ‘First Time Right’. This motto is applicable everywhere, no matter the place. Especially at home, I will say, doing everything the ‘First Time Right’ makes even more sense. If you do not do it FTR, the work will quadruple. And well, at my home, when the work quadruples, then I need a big push to get it done , otherwise I just keep procrastinating it.

At home, whenever I do something, I try to impose this simple principle to do it right as much as I can think of. Let us for example, take the simple chore of laundry. Here in India, we do not normally put clothes in a dryer, rather we make use of SUN to do this job. So, when I put clothes on the line I make sure that the clothes are as stretched out as can be. There should not be any wrinkles. And when I take down the clothes, I fold them properly, so that there is no need to iron the clothes. Yes, I do spend close to 5 minutes extra doing what I do. But if I don’t do this, then I will have to spend 15-20 minutes extra to iron the clothes. So, you tell me which job is a time saver?? Doing it FTR, right?

In daily household chores, there can be numerous examples given for this. Cleaning while cooking, Cleaning right after eating, putting the things at right place right away … If we do all this FTR, overall upkeep of the house will be very easy.

But sometimes I do fee, that since I believe in FTR so much, if I don’t find right or perfect solution for a particular problem, I don’t do it at all. That way, problem becomes multi-fold.

For instance, few days back, we did some shopping, and got 4-5 bags from the store. We had to put away those clothes (since those are for next winters.. yeah.. we shopped the winter sale at 40-50% off).That seemed like a huge task of taking out the suitcases (Yes, we keep the off season clothing in extra suitcases), and putting the clothes in them. So, for 5-6 days, the wall unit in our room was a complete mess. I forgot to take picture of that. Finally, when I just could not take it any more, I brought it back to its original condition.

Are you a FTR person? I would love to know….

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