Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Uff I want my home back!!!!


Hello there!! I am here with my first post of the week! For the last three days, I have been super busy. Countless trips to the market, and indefinite wait for the labor to turn up and do their work. Today is the first day in last four days that I am even able to work on my laptop to type this post.

Finally our wall panel and the crockery unit arrived on Monday. They were supposed to come on Sunday, but due to some reason, it got post-ponned. But still on Sunday, all day we were out to buy the accessories (hardware actually).

On monday, they arrived at around 3.30 pm. From that time, till 10:30 pm, our living area and the lift lobby was full of stuff. It was all mess and full of dust. It took them seven hours to assemble the panels. The TV is still not put on it yet. We are waiting for the electrician to turn up. ($%$#%#$%$#%). This is the mess that we are putting up with:


The crockery unit is looking good as far as the design is concerned. But the color is too depressing. That is what happens when you try to finalize the color just by looking at the shade card. YES! that’s what we did. Even the color of the wall panel, we had chosen the grey color, just changed at the last moment. I asked my hubby to choose the color, so that I can blame him if it does not turn out good (wicked laugh)!!! The color that he chose has turned out awesome!!! And I have not stopped thanking him for that.

We will be getting the color of the crockery unit changed. The old wall unit needs to go and we still are in make-shift zone. The dining area is still a mess and the living area, since the TV is not up yet, we watched it by using two extension rods. Still a lot of stuff to get done. I really hope that this all gets sorted down today.

photo(1) photo

Please do not judge me for these pictures. We normally do not live like this.Sad smile.

I am not sure if I will be back tomorrow or the day after. All depends on how much of work and market trips I have to make. That reminds me, On saturday we hit Ritu Wears for the winter sale to stock up on winter goodies for next year. The sale is really good. And we did get a lot of stuff for both the kids. In fact, for four kids. (My SIL’s kids included). So, if you one in your area, do check it out. And no!!! I am not getting paid to write this. I just really liked the stuff so just mentioned about it.

So, that’s it from my side today. Just wanted to let you know of my whereabouts. Hopefully, from next week, I will be more regular.

Stay warm!!!


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