Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Thought about current situation in Delhi


For the last two days, the situation in Delhi has been bothering me… All I can see in news is the ‘Dharna’ going aound, Kejriwal declaring himself an anarchist. Blaming the center for causing this. I am not able to focus on anything and just want to blurt out what I feel.

I was a supporter of AAP during the Delhi elections. And somewhere still, I support AAP. But the way AAP is dealing with the issues is not what I had anticipated. When the AAP manifesto declared free water and 50% electricity bills, I was all ga-ga for it. But when they came to power, they gave subsidies on water and electricity. Well, I had not expected that… I wanted the prices to reduce by generating revenues. They might be having some plans or might not … But that is nowhere to be found.

It seems that AAP is just trying to impose its own views no matter what the constitution, or the national image, or the right way to go about it is.There is a total chaos on the roads of Delhi. Some of my friends who have to go to central Delhi (PTI building), are having a tough time while commuting. But AAP is not bothered about that. All it seems they are bothered about is that the Delhi Police did not listened to the law minister. Well, I ask, when AAP was not in power, they used to say that the Police is made to listen to ministers and that is why the corruption is evolving. And now they themselves are forcing them to go by what the minister says. They are on Dharna because they want to suspend the Police officers, but earlier they used to say that ministers should not interfere in the suspension or transfer of Police. Why such a u-turn? Just because it is them?????

AAP leaders say no to VIP security… But what is happening now? 3200+ security personnels are guarding the venue and the people on Dharna and that too in the week of republic day parade.. Do they have no regard for national days ?? And I do not understand , why Dharna???? When they were not in power, then they did this Dharna and Aandolan, that time it was understandable because they had no authority. But now, they are the power, they have the authority and they have the means. That time, they said, the Dharna is not effective, we should be in government, well, now they are the government, why Aandolan now?

They say that the home minister is not listening, and the Delhi Police is involved in rackets, Well, for stopping the corruption, they expected the common man to do minor sting operations and submit that to government so that the necessary action could be taken. Why don’t they practice what they preached. Leave common man, they have well experiences professionals who could do a sting operation on Delhi police personnels. They can take that proof to media, and to the court. There is no way homeminister could then deny what they are asking for. All I want to say is , that there are well within the law so many means to ask for what they want, but all they are doing right now is creating anarchy across the capital.

Moreover, I just do not understand why AAP is trying to go National. Why LS Polls??? They portray themselves as the honest party. But when they are asking for online membership, how they hell are they ensuring that the honest people are joining them. They are definitely not screening any criminals, hooligans from joining the party.How are they different than other parties then? They themselves say that they are inexeperienced in politics. Well, why plunge into LokSabha elections then? Gain experience by governing the captial right, Why be in such a hurry to go national?

The Dharna has been withdrawn now, but it really seems like a facesaver. Constant U-turns on AAP behalf is really not going in the favor of its image. All in all, I am just not happy with the way things are turning out in Delhi in regards to AAP. What is your say on this?

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