Thursday, 23 January 2014

Why do we have clutter?


Chaos, Clutter everywhere… And you just can’t seem to control it. Has it ever happened with you? It has surely happened with me quite a lot of time. Why ? Really why does it happen?? I am naturally a messy person. There I said it. Some people when see something unorganized, or dirty, they will just clean it up, I just give it a look and tell myself , I will clean it or I will organize it. But that time comes only when we are expecting someone at home. But for past sometime (actually it is about a year now) I am trying to amend myself. I want to talk about this weakness of mine(having clutter around) today. May be talking(I mean writing) will help me too understand the problem.

After putting a thought about how the clutter gathers around, I have come up with the following issues:

1) When we enter our home, we head straight towards the dining area and dump all the stuff at the dining table, hang car / bike / house keys and get on with our tasks. There I said it. That is the foremost reason for the dining area to be cluttered.

2) I am working on laptop and suddenly remember something or see some stuff lying around. Being lazy that I am, I say to myself that I will pick it up , and then forget about it. Even when I get up, I either forget about it or even if I remember, I sometimes just delay it.

3) Sometimes, the clutter is when we cannot seem to figure out where the specific things go. Either there is an indecision among the probable spaces, or there does not seem to be a place for that. And so, the things just keep on lying around,

4) Even if some furniture pieces do not work well for the purpose they are being used for, we keep using those pieces just because we keep telling ourselves that we have spent so much of money in this piece, so we really should use this.

5) We buy things on a whim. Sometimes, it just so happens that we are out in the mall, and find something very nice in that shop, and we like it so much that we just buy it without thinking about how it will look in our home, how will it be used. Although now this happens very less, but the earlier collected pieces have this story on them.

6) Someone gifts us something that we get hesitant to get rid of.

7) We identify the things that we need to get rid of and then store them in the same place where other usable things are. Eventually we might even forget about them, or just again start using them or again spend time in taking out the stuff we once had sorted.

8) The place to keep things is not easily accessible. For example, if for putting something, I need to remove a table to open up the closet, chances are, I will not put away that thing.

I feel these are the reasons that our home becomes cluttered. And these are the reasons that we need to work on so that the clutter can be conquered. Now that the problem areas are identified, I can work on identifying the solutions.

Have you identified your problem areas??? Or are you a naturally organized person?

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