Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Happy New Year everyone!!!!

 Wish this new year brings prosperity, happiness and success to you and your loved ones. I know I am on break, but decided to pop in just today to wish NEW YEAR and to let u all know what I have been doing and what I will be doing in the coming days.
This new year I am more determined to continue with my DIYs, organizations and decor exercises. And Yes! I do wish to start physical exercising but being the lazy kind that I am, I have not yet planned for it. I will.. yawn... in coming days. Meanwhile, I have been trying to set up my home. So much is going around, that sometimes I loose track of what is expected next. Right now, we are waiting on three things. Sofa, LCD Panel and the dining area side board. Oh and the new wood work that I plan to get done for creating new storage in dining area window. And the Dryer installation..And there is that trip that we plan to take next week.Oh, and there is some paint work that is remaining for the wood work that we have already got done. Phew!!!! Anyways.. having entered the new year, I do have the extra energy and excitement. Hope the same to you too!!! I will see you in few days!!!


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