Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Getting into Routine!!


Today is the last day of winter break. Schools open from tomorrow. It is time to get back into routine now . All these days, my son was getting up late and going to bed by about 11-12 pm. Since yesterday, I have been after him to get back into routine. For last 4-5 days, the weather seems to be opening up. And today being Makar Sankranti, The SUN has started changing the direction, so the days are getting a bit longer. Hey, before you started commending my knowledge, that I did not know this , just read it in the newspaper an hour back. But, today when I was sitting in the balcony, I could feel the difference. We got the sun for a bit longer in the balcony.

Although, it was a really nice weather in the daytime, in the evening, it has again started getting foggy. But sine the evening is foggy, hopefully it will be sunny in the morning.

Although my son needs to wear the uniform to school everyday, I still ask him to lay out his clothes for the whole week, which he wants to wear. That is because he is very fussy about his clothes. And sometimes, he can get so stubborn. So, in order to avoid all those clashes, I normally ask him on a Sunday afternoon to go through his clothes and select the seven different outfits for the whole week. For past two weeks, he did not do this because of (wink wink) relaxation time of holidays. But today, since we are getting into routine, he had to do this stuff. Five sets of outfits to avoid unnecessary conflicts over non issue.

Tomorrow is his Class Group photo day too. So, he is expected to be in complete winter uniform, no club dress. Hope he has a nice photo shoot and a memorable class photo. So, that’s about us getting into routine, how do you do this?

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