Hi, I am sims! With IT as profession and simple DIY as passion, I plan to share my experiments with home through this blog. Some 6 years back, I wanted to setup a website where I could mumble about my crazy home setup and decor exercises. But then I got discouraged and left it. About a year back, I came across so many decor blogs and I started craving a blog for myself. The blogging world has introduced me to a new term - 'Organizing'. I always used to say - 'Get systematic'. Never knew how. And never knew that organizing is what I really meant. Although I wanted to be organized earlier, I did not know how to do that. This world has shown me how to go about it.

I am naturally a messy person. I am trying to amend myself now. Actually it has already been a year now that I have been forcing myself to change. I do see an iota of change in myself, and know that it will take even more time.

So, come join me in this journey to get organized and do some simple DIYs to make life better.

P.S : I realized that nowhere in this blog have I mentioned my email / contact info. So Silly of me!!! I can always be reached at : homevironment@gmail.com

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