Friday, 15 April 2016

Hey all!

OMG!  Which world have I been living in till now.? I didnt know that a Blogger app existed or there wouldn't have been a year long gap in my blog writing. Ever since I joined back work, I have been a little crunched on time, but still I can find few packets of time during office hours. But writing on a laptop in full public view is not something I wanted. Just now I have found this app which lets me write on my cell phone so easily.. and I am loving it. I will try to use this app now and will start with my blogging..

I have gotten so much done in our home in the past year and I have so much to share. The Most recent changes are done in the living room. This month end we are also preparing for our son's bday party. Still not decided for a theme. Keep in touch friends.. what theme do u suggest for a 9 yr. Old boy??

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