Monday, 23 March 2015

Bathroom Reveal!

Hello Friends,
True to my promise, here I am back to share some time with you. As I had mentioned in my previous post, we got one of our bathrooms renovated a couple of months back. It was a long process. It took us long to finally select the tiles, given that mine and my husband's choices are normally poles apart. So, it takes us longer to arrive at a selection which is liked by both of us.
Since this was the renovation, where everything was getting changed, we had a lot of scope for shopping. Everything from floor tiles, to wall tiles, to bathroom fixtures to choosing a new toilet seat and a sink. End to End change. There were two things that both of us wanted for sure in the beginning – A wall mounted toilet seat and a sink with Vanity. We were referred to the 'Jagatpuri' market in East Delhi by my brother. It was not very far off from our place and boy! We were so glad to go to that market. It is a hub for Kitchen and Bathroom stuff at reasonable prices. That market was a pure delight for us.
Once we finalized the tiles, We started looking for the seat and sink and decided on Roca. For bathroom fixtures, we went with Jaquar except for the rain shower which we got from Hindware. As I am writing all this, it seems an easy task, but we literally went to each and every shop there and looked for options. But well, it was worth it. Because when we finally bought, we were sure that we were buying the best as liked by us. And after almost four months of continuous use, we still stand by our choices.
When we were thinking renovation, we wanted wall mounted toilet seat, and were adamant that we wanted sink with vanity. When we called the plumber, he was not sure if the wall space was enough to have the seat mounted. That was a big blow to our plans. But still, half heartedly, went in with the demolition process. Imagine our delight, when the very first day, the plumber gave us a go ahead on wall mounted seat. We were so glad.
But the same delight we could not get while selecting the sink with vanity. The reasons are multi-fold for this. First and foremost being, there were very few available within our desired dimensions. I was specific about the width – should not be more than 30 inches. Our bathroom size is small – 5’x8’ – which has two doors too. The layout is such that all three major installations – sink , toilet seat and shower need to be on the same wall. So, the maximum space we could afford for sink was 30 inches only. The ones which satisfied the criteria, did not have enough space and I could not imagine how on earth would I ever be able to keep all the things in them for which I have been planning for months and months. There still were two which got my attention, but those were priced at 25-30k , the amount that I was not ready to shell out (as against my hubby). So, instead, we bought the desired dimension sink – 2ft. (from Roca) and I knew whom I would turn to to get the vanity made. I will reveal the vanity in my next post. This post is for the Bathroom reveal.
In the end, All our efforts paid off and we got the desired bathroom done in our style. Yes, it was hard work, and yes, it took longer than expected, but well worth it.
Time for Pictures… Sorry, no before and afters .. These are only the DONE PICTURES.
The pictures I have posted do not do justice to how it actually looks. I will take some pics in the day time and will update this post then. Tell me, What do you think of this renovation? Does this look like a beautiful bathroom?

Sunday, 15 March 2015

I was lost!


Yes Dear Friends!!! For the last few months, I have been lost. And the reason, I could not find a balance between blogging and work. Yes ! I have joined back work. I feel so relieved just to think about it. But, I do admit, I have not been planning properly and I just could not get back to blogging. Although, I used to think and promise myself again and again that from this weekend, I would start writing. But the weekends would come and go, My promised were never kept.

Anyways, Now, I will try to post at least once a week, so that I do not lose you!. There have been quite a few changes / upgrades in my home – one major being our bathroom renovation. That continued for almost a month. That really took a toll on our daily lives. Living with such dirt in the house, along with two kids, and that too when I had recently joined a new job. That was the time, that intent to blog actually took a backstage.

After bathroom renovation, I got vanities made by the carpenter. I will be blogging about that in my next post. So, stay tuned for that!!

Take care !!