Sunday, 15 March 2015

I was lost!


Yes Dear Friends!!! For the last few months, I have been lost. And the reason, I could not find a balance between blogging and work. Yes ! I have joined back work. I feel so relieved just to think about it. But, I do admit, I have not been planning properly and I just could not get back to blogging. Although, I used to think and promise myself again and again that from this weekend, I would start writing. But the weekends would come and go, My promised were never kept.

Anyways, Now, I will try to post at least once a week, so that I do not lose you!. There have been quite a few changes / upgrades in my home – one major being our bathroom renovation. That continued for almost a month. That really took a toll on our daily lives. Living with such dirt in the house, along with two kids, and that too when I had recently joined a new job. That was the time, that intent to blog actually took a backstage.

After bathroom renovation, I got vanities made by the carpenter. I will be blogging about that in my next post. So, stay tuned for that!!

Take care !!

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