Tuesday, 12 August 2014

JAVA/OOPS/Fundamentals in Daily Life

Hey All!
Yes, I know it has been too long for me to post! Somehow last few days, I just wanted to relax, and so, that’s what I kept doing! I have been a bit of blog hopper in those days. I did not open up my blog even once, but was going through other thought provoking blogs which talked about the topics that interest me the most.
Anyways, I will not bore you with the details, rather will come back to the post I intend to write today! Ever since I started this blog, I have been meaning to write about this but I could not gather my thoughts properly. So, last week, when I was doing the tit bits at home, I kind of scolded myself as to why I was procrastinating this post? What is the stuff that I want to gather? May be , I should just write what comes to me in one go, and when I get some other idea, I could write an update… Gud Idea right? Oh! Has it been too much of a suspense now? Sorry pals! I am going to mix personal and professional lives here….
Okay, so let me start now! I am applying my jobs fundas at home. Have you ever experienced that you are wearing, washing, ironing the same clothes again and again? What happened to the shirt that you wore three weeks back, that has never surfaced again? Where is it lost? ahhhhmmm… That is deep down in the laundry basket. The reason it happened ??? You practiced LIFO… Rather you should practice FIFO… No, it is not the name of another football league. FIFO stands for – First in, First out. LIFO stands for – Last in, First out.

The clothes that you put first in the laundry basket, should be the ones to be washed first! First cloth in the laundry basket, should be the first one to be out for washing! Simple !!! So, just practice FIFO in laundry and you will never experience the lost clothes in dirty laundry! And well – This has got nothing to do with java, but this is the one example I found that I can relate to the most in applying my work at home.
The maid came, cleaned the house, took out the garbage, but still you find dirty plates, or broken stuff or garbage at home? It does not look clean enough? Hmm…. May be you did not release your resources properly, so the garbage collector did not pick up the items and released the home of unnecessary stuff… This is the exact statement, one would use at work, if the application works slow. In simple language, If you are not using something, then release it and put in the appropriate place, so that when it is time to cleanup, everyone (including u) knows what stuff is to be thrown out. Makes sense????
Another thing, I have talked about earlier is – FTR – First Time Right… That is not java, just a methodology to follow no matter at work or at home. Whatever you do, do it FTR.
The other day, I was looking for something in the fridge, and was appalled to see, 4 different containers with curd, 4 containers with fruits, kneaded dough in 2 containers, used milk in three glasses. Ufff.. I immediately took a bigger container, and put the fruits together. One bigger container, and dough together, another container and mix milk.(Once the milk is cold enough we can mix). This is a day to day example. But I can relate this to normalization of tables, code optimization. Why take a bigger container and put a small dough ball? Why 2 spoons of curd in a big container which can accommodate half kg curd?? (Really, I am not exaggerating.. but that is how someone at my home works… wink wink)… Ha ha, Actually my MIL works this way. No, I am not criticizing, just different people have different ways of working. Why have same sabzi in different containers? Normalize dear Normalize!! Do not keep the same thing in different places otherwise it becomes difficult to manage. Why put the kadhai itself in fridge in which the dough is kneaded ???? No way !!! These little bits of things, I always relate with Code Optimization. Use the optimum sized boxes for related stuff. Similarly, the medicine box, I don’t prefer to keep it in bedrooms. That has commonly used medicines too, and so should be kept at a common place accessible by everyone (except the kiddo). Right????
Enough of fundas for the day!! Did you relate to any of the stuff I mentioned above? Do you apply any fundas related to your work, at home? I would love to know.

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