Thursday, 24 July 2014

Solution to Laziness


Hey All!

I have been too lazy these days. For past few days I just did not feel like cleaning up or sorting the laundry. So the clothes were piling up in the room waiting to be put away. So, what do I do to clean up all the mess???/

Well, I resorted back to my old mantra. Earlier, whenever we lacked the will to clean up our house, we would invite our friends over. No, No, No. Not for them to clean up. But inviting them over for lunch or dinner on a weekend, would give us a deadline by which we just HAD TO CLEAN UP. It seems I work best under pressure. So, that invitation was just the right pressure for us to get to working and get the house sparkle clean.


So, this time I did the same. I called over my friend whose son is my son’s classmate and a very good friend. That invitation built up the right pressure and motivated me and I CLEANED UP.

Oh! Please don’t think bad about me! That’s how I work. UNDER PRESSURE!! MEETING THE DEADLINE. Completing the project well in time before the deadline. And well, That solved the purpose !


What is your solution to the laziness? How do you motivate yourself? Please tell me I am not the only one who gets lazy in cleaning… Or Am I ????

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