Friday, 11 July 2014

Leftover Wood Reuse!


Hi Friends!

Today’s post is completely inspired by a post on ‘’ post. Laksh today talked about the uses of leftover pieces of wood and that reminded me that although I had planned on this post when I started this blog, I actually never did it. Her post today made me come to reality that I am not being organized about writing my posts in the order they should be. Learn girl, Learn!!!

So, coming to the uses of leftover wood, Remember my post on ‘A Store to Store Stuff’. After that store, we had a few pieces of wood planks left over. I actually wanted to throw them right away and something came over me and I saved those pieces. It had been a few months and one day I was going through some Interiors magazine, Don’t remember the name or the article. What I do remember is, that there was some statement like – Stop saying that you don’t have a space in your home for something. Look around, create space. Creating space does not mean breaking walls, it means to look and think outside the box. Look for spaces where you would never think of doing something, and you will find a space which is perfect for your needs. This statement touched the right bells in my head, and I actually started looking around all over my home. And there it hit me….

For past sometime, I was feeling the need to have some showcase in our home where we could display the cute little knick knacks. I did not want to add a showcase on the floor space just for eye candy purpose. So, the place that I found was the purrrrrfect space…

Remember the photo from our first home….

Here are the two spaces that came to my mind :


The upper arrow indicates the space for showcase. And the kitchen entrance marks the space for medicine cabinet. Here is the AFTER picture for both these spaces:



Both these are made up of the leftover wood planks. I had enough mica left from the store to cover up for the showcase. But for medicine cabinet there was no mica left. I did not want to spend Rs. 500 on 8x8 mica sheet just to use 1x1 of it. So instead, I got creative. I had many greeting cards from my college days that were just collecting dust. I took a bright yellow chart paper, and pasted the cute flowers from those greeting cards and covered up the wood planks. For the edges, I bought a few fake sea shells from local market at throwaway prices and covered them. In the end, it looked so lively and beautiful and moreover it served the purpose well. There was no central space in our 2 BHK apartment for medicine storage. This place had a great function. This makeover is 7 years old. Had I been exposed to blog world that time, I would have put the bottles in a box and would have covered it with cute liners like I have done in this new home.

Corner Unit     medicineBox

Nice memories I have of that home. All thanks to Laksh for making me nostalgic and inspiring this post.

What is your leftover wood planks story??


  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream's City of Links last Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week :)

    1. Thanks dear! And you will see me around often!