Monday, 30 June 2014

ILU’s 1st Birthday Party!!


Hey Everyone!!

  There is a Whatsapp message going around these days ---

“Most Important question facing the country these days --------


Tere bachon ka holidays homework ho gaya kya?’

(Translation: Is your kids holidays homework complete?)

And to which my answer is still no! The school opens in another two days now and we still are not done! This June month has been super busy in our household. Every weekend either we were out or we were busy planning for the little one’s b’day. I had mentioned about this bday party in my last post. And as promised, I am back with an update on that.

We planned for ILU’s party on 21st June, although her bday was on 11th. The party was planned in a restaurant where we had already attended another 1st bday party and we had liked the space and the food there. So, once we finalized the place, we started planning for different events for the party. First and foremost, I wanted to do a movie featuring our daughter – meaning, I wanted to make a video clip of her pictures aligned with appropriate songs. Song selection was one tedious task, but finally I selected three songs. Once those were identified, editing the songs to keep the required portions of the songs, aligning the pictures according to the song, and then joining all these together took most of the time. All of this took too much of my time, but I completely enjoyed the process. Actually I loved the process. Watching all the pictures starting from her birth took me down the memory lane and most days I was awake late in the night just going through all the pics.

This video clip was to be the star of the party. After this was planned and worked upon, came the bday party décor. We wanted a flex banner to be put up on the stage displaying few adorable pics of our daughter. The balloon colors were White, pink, purple and a few golden ones. Ain’t these the obvious colors for a girl’s birthday party????

Has it been too much of talking (I mean writing) without pictures????

Here are some of the pics from the party.









And the star of the party – The Video -

There has been some error in uploading the video on this blog.

Here is the link to the youtube where I have uploaded this.

I had planned for two games in the party. One game for the kids, and one for the couples.

Kids game was simple – I made a face on a chalkboard , and the kids were supposed to put a ‘Bindi’ mark with chalk with eyes blindfolded. It was fun to watch the kids trying to adopt different means to manipulate the ‘Bindi’ place.


Couples game was interesting- One person picks up a slip which has the name of an object written on it. He/she has to explain the object in terms of shape without revealing its function. The other person draws the explained object on a chalkboard and guesses/identifies the object. This game was very well received by the couples and actually two of the couples took it on their ego –‘ Arre guess kaise nahin kar paaye???’. (Why couldn’t you/I identify the object??’).


Do you see the drawing there.. That is supposed to be a ‘Gas Stove’… Ha….

Overall, Everyone enjoyed in the party, and the games and the video were a good hit. After making the video I feel like I am an expert in songs editing, joining and video making. If any one of you wants to know about it, I would be more than ready to help.

After the 21st of June, I felt like I had no work left to do. I felt so free and EMPTY!!! But the sense of accomplishment filled me. (ha ha).

Overall the party was a success and everyone enjoyed a lot…

How did you spend your month of June?? The vacation time??? Was it as busy as mine???

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