Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sell–> Keep-> Renovate-> Love


Hey Friends!!! In case you are wondering about the title of the post, let me assure you that by the end of this post, you will know why it is titled so. This is going to be a long post with lots of pictures….

Whole of march and half of April, our house was in the hands of carpenter or painter. And since, there were places that we could not use much, the accessible places became a mess, specially my son’s room. It is still a mess, but the rest of the house is taking its shape now. Mostly every room has undergone some change , some have minor changes and some have a completely different look. I will talk about the rooms in my later post. But this post, I am specifically dedicating to one piece –> Our TV Wall unit.


Sometime back, I had mentioned about this wall unit, that we wanted to sell. We had actually finalized on the price as well with the buyer (Rs. 3500). One fine day, we called him and told him that he needs to just take it away now that our woodwork was in progress. He responded that he will come in a day or two and will take the piece away. We waited for him for a week, and then he came. He said that he will come back in few hours after arranging for the transport.And then, he did not come back. Meanwhile, we were almost certain that he is either not willing to buy it, or he wants to lower the price. I was fed up of the mess and uncertainty and the dependency on someone. I talked to the carpenter and made a decision to reuse that wall unit.

To remind you, this is the picture of the wall unit.


We have a TV in my in-law’s room, but the wall unit was too much overpowering in that room. It took so much space and the left side shelves were really not that usable. I asked the carpenter to make four parts of this structure. One wall panel, second lower cabinet, third shelves rack, and fourth the corner unit. I have tried to depict the different components of the wall unit explaining what was made into what.

Edited Wall Unit Picture

He did that , and lo, we had such amazing pieces of furniture to use. The corner unit was too tall, so I asked the carpenter to put the shelves in between to make a small size corner unit to be placed at the far end of our lobby.

We had a small unused mica sheet left from another project (Study table) and another mica sheet from the new storage almirah, which the carpenter fixed on the unit. This piece now holds our medicines and such stuff. This also gives a much needed pop of red color in this area. This is a closer view.

Corner Unit

This is how it looks from the living room.



I simply love this look and it serves a great function too, an accessible place for medicines.

The second piece is left portion of shelves with the glass door. The carpenter shortened it and made two pieces with one extra shelf. The extra shelf was used in the kitchen, one box serves as bed side table in in law’s room, and three shelves put horizontally and serve as book rack in my son’s room.



Remaining were the wall panel and lower cabinet. The wall panel is put on the wall with a small TV, and I got a shelf inserted in the lower cabinet which is now used for seating and inside is a book rack.



I am still not done with the uses. There were still a few pieces left. Two big shelves which were used in this console table.(Yes, I got that made too). I will relate the story later.

console table

The crockery unit that we had gotten made, did not have enough shelves to put cups and glasses. So the glass shelf that we got from wall unit, I put that in the unit and wow… we had enough space.


Can you see the extra shelf which has the glasses on it???

The only thing remaining was two small shelves and the glass door. The shelves again went into the kitchen for extra shelving needs in cabinets and the glass door, I got that fixed in the balcony horizontally to hold the smaller and cute looking planters for plants.


This is in its current state. We still have not cleared up the mess from balcony and my son’s room.

After having got all this done, I feel really satisfied . A simple book shelf would cost us Rs. 2000. Even by including the cost of labour , around Rs. 2000 , I feel that we got stuff worth more than 12-15K.

Phew!! That is it from my side today.. For past one and a half months, I have not been writing regularly for my blog. Although, in my head, the posts publish daily. I have written earlier as well that I do intend to go back to writing regularly but something or the other happens and all my commitments go down… So, today I am not committing anything. We’ll see how it goes.

In the end, do you now relate to the title of the post?? Is the title apt?? What do you think of the uses I got out of the wall unit? I would love to know….


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