Thursday, 3 April 2014

Slow and Steady!!!!

Dust, Mess everywhere and still loving it!!! Dont get me wrong! Although now, I am a bit tired of looking at the mess all over at home, I am still loving the feeling that finally  I am getting some concrete and beautiful done and that too to my liking.

I had mentioned in my last post, that we have outsourced the woodwork that we had planned to get done. Although the closet that we wanted was completed in a week, I am coming up with new work for the carpenter almost daily. And so far, we have gotten quite a few things done.The work is in the last stages now, hopefully it should be over by this weekend, provided I dont come up with any new tasks.(wink wink)

Since all that is getting done, the laptop remained hidden for the initial days. Then One fine day, it surfaced and I thought of writing down my post. Then realized, that it was not charged. Looking for the adapter to charge it was going to be a tidious task with a baby in one hand. So, I just let it be.

The reason I am narrating this story is to let you know that although in my head I really did not want any gap in my blogging, but sometimes my laziness, sometimes circumstantial, it just happened.For past few days, all the time I am thinking of the stuff that I want to be done with the residuals, much to the dismay of carpenter.

 I will be back next week (With high hopes) with pictures of my home.

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