Thursday, 24 April 2014


This post comes a little late but well! these days I just try to squeeze as much time as possible. Home straightening is going on, but along with that the preparations are on for my son's 7th birthday. Mix all that with the lousy teacher discussions with the school friends' moms and then follow ups with the academic head, and you get a great 'Khichdi'.

 Anyways, These days I am upto a challenge with myself and all the other GREAT goings as mentioned above. Continual upkeep of the home. As I have mentioned, some of the areas of my home are in a mess, but still there are some which are clean and mess free. My challenge is to keep them tidy and clean at all times. I am not there 100% yet for all the areas, but I can say, I am doing very well is keeping up the master bathroom and kitchen. The appliances are kept sparkling clean and 80% of the tiles are clean. In case you are wondering of the missing challenge , let me tell you that I am not taking any extra time to clean / maintain the cleanliness in these areas. I am just utilizing my time in these areas in an efficient manner. Like, when I am making tea, instead of waiting for the tea to boil, I am cleaning up the cabinet doors and tiles. Similarly, while waiting during my son's bath, the bathroom is getting cleaned up. Absolutely no extra time is being devoted. And it is working...... (so far).

I hope they will say this for me some day....

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