Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Our Living Room

Hi Friends!!!

This post has been pending since long. Last two months, we were busy with the carpenter and then the painter. Now that all that is settled, I wanted to do a post for each room one by one. And it seems, today is the day to start with the living room. Let me give you the old photograph which shows what we had in the beginning.

The fabric on the sofa was so dark, I never liked it. But that was something that we lived with for almost 8 months.

We had a wall unit for TV which was almost 6 yrs old, and was in a pretty good condition.But this TV unit just did not give 'The Look' in this living area. It took up so much space, and the side shelf units, although had a pretty good storage capacity, did not make any sense in the living room.
So, then we started with measuring and finalizing on the design and aesthetics of sofa. We decided to get made seven seater sofa (3+2+2) and two puffs in order to accommodate a good gathering. Fabric selection took the most time. We wanted to have a square center table(coffee table) to go with the sofa but were not sure of the design. And then, one fine day, I decided on a design which made use of our old coffee table too.
It took us time, but now finally what we have is what we like. In addition to changing what we had, I wanted to add in some side tables and accessories to the room. We are still lacking the accessories, but the other tables we were able to add to our liking. I added one console table to the mix as well. Now come the pics of the changed room.

The wires that you see around the TV are just temporary. Our TV crashed three times in last four months. It seemed like the life of TV was over. So had to buy a new TV this weekend. The TV installation guy from company is yet to arrive, may be today. Once he installs this TV on the panel, the wires will be gone.

It seems so open, so airy and so accommodating now in the living room. Everything seems to have a place We still need to accessorize the place, but that would be a work in progress. As and when we find something suitable, we'll add. The old TV stand that you see in changed room pic in corner, that is again going to be a changeover piece of furniture. There will be a post on that very soon. 

Do you like the changed look? What kind of changes have you taken up around your house???


  1. loved the transformation.. I too love light colored sofa.. yet to get one..

    1. Glad u liked it!! Light colored sofas do make the room look so spacious and bright! Wigh u get the one to ur liking soon!!!!