Monday, 7 April 2014


Finally !I am glad I am writing this post!!The carpenter is out of our house. Now the wood polish and paint work is remaining.. But that will just be a 2-3 days job,once it gets started,hopefully tomorrow! This past one month,I have got so many things done,that I just am not able to understand as to from where should I start narrating. Oh well'! I will just go one by one. The house is still a mess but this is still tolerable. From tomorrow, I will be on organizing spree, and I plan to share all that with you! Oh , did I mention ,I am glad to be back on blogging! And actually, I have already started organizing bits and pieces, and the proof of that - I am blogging from my googlenexus - the tablet. I have charged this tablet after around 8 months! Don't ask me why please!!!!

Phew!! I will just leaveyou With a few pictures of my home in the current state. From tomorrow, I will post about the work/organizing and other stuff.....

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