Friday, 24 January 2014

To Sell or to keep


I had mentioned in my new year’s post that we are waiting on some woodwork and sofa in our living/dining area. We still are waiting on that. For some reason or the other, all this keeps on delaying. It has been around one and a half month now that we have ordered for all this.

We are waiting for new stuff, but at the same time, we are getting desperate over getting rid of corresponding old stuff. We have a wall unit that at present we are keeping at the place of dining side board. The old sofa is still with us which can die any day.(Ha ha… really). Right now, I am sitting on the sofa half immersed in it(wink wink).

Although the sofa is in a bad shape, the wall unit is pretty nice. And we really want to sell that off. I had put it on olx and quickr some time back but did not get any offers. I did get some calls from interested buyers but I’ve had all no shows for this. Well, now that our new stuff is almost ready and can arrive any day, we just have to take decision on these asap.


Weekend is here. And hopefully, we will start our next week with new stuff leaving the old behind. I am pretty much excited for this because this will define our space properly and the space would look organized too.

What are you excited for this weekend?

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