Monday, 13 January 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year and Happy Lohri everyone!!

Now that the New year has started, I am sure you would have given some thought about resolutions.I do not make resolutions as I never fulfill them, rather by feb. end I even forget about them. So,  I have stopped making them. But this year , as I was going through my favorite blogs, one blog -, talked about this. And then Andrea, the organized blogger talked about setting goals for the year. And I liked the idea. So, this year I am setting goals for myself. Since this is new for me, I am setting simple goals.

Number one, on my list is - To get organized.And to achieve this, I am again starting simple. Everyday, I am going to spend 15 minutes only on organization/cleaning. 15 minutes only, with timer. I will organize/clean any one area within 15 minutes.Even if that means tidying up the bed / dining / living /laundry area. To ensure this, Every monday, my post would comprise of last week's 15 minutes organisations.

Number Two on list is - To start exercising. The goal is to reduce 10 kgs.Now, since I am no expert in how to achieve this, I am setting my goal to go to gym three days a week. This, I am hoping, should do the  trick.

Number Three is - To be regular in blog posts. And to spend more time on blog. I need to market my blog which I have not done yet.For this goal, my target is to link my blog post in the link parties hosted by other bloggers every week or atleast every other week.

As I said earlier, I am a newbie. So, I am starting small with baby steps. How about you? Have you made resolutions? Do u abide by them? Are you a goals person? How do you ensure your goals are met?

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