Friday, 17 January 2014

Our Super Relaxed Winter Vacations Trip


In my blogging break for the last couple of weeks, along with the other tasks that were going around in our home, we also planned for a winter vacation trip. My son was real excited about this trip, as we were not able to go for a summer vacation this year because of the ‘Arrival of our baby girl’. We wanted to keep the trip relaxed so just planned for ‘Vrindavan and Agra’.

We started on the 4th of Jan. from Noida around 1 pm and took the Yamuna expressway. The expressway is really good, and we reached Vrindavan by 3 pm. We had planned to visit just one temple that day – ‘PREM MANDIR’ which was to open at 4.30 pm. We went directly to the market in front of ISKCON temple, stretched our legs, had tea, and shopped around a bit in that market. Then we went to PREM MANDIR at 4, and by 4.15, the gates opened. As soon as we entered, we were mesmerized by the beauty.


Such vast area and so beautifully maintained. The actual building of the temple is surrounded by different scenes taken from Sri Krishna’s life. The stretch from entrance to temple building, on the left, had Sheshnaag, Yamuna and Sri Krishna dancing on Sheshnaag annote. In simple words, it was beautiful. Right in the front of the temple building, was the depiction of Goverdhan Parvat.


Again beautiful depiction. On its left was an LED screen where the bhajans of Radhey Krishna were being sung along with their pictures.


Just beside that, there was landscaping done with the 2014 welcome message.


Along side there was the ‘Raas-Leela’ depicted.


At the backside, there was canteen with really delicious food and the ‘Kulhad wala Doosh’ was so yummy that we ordered three more after having 2 glasses. The most awaited part was the musical fountain show.  In the evening, there was lighting around the temple, and it was really breathtaking as is visible in the pictures.


The sheshnaag depiction had also come alive and the sheshnaag was now revolving.


The Raas leela Krishna-Gopi were revolving too. All in all, we were all mesmerized with the beauty.

Finally, we left at 8 pm after seeing the beautiful fountain show, we continued our journey to Agra. Reached there by 9.30, stayed at a relative’s place, had dinner and off to sleep we went.

The next day was a break day. We had to make a few family visits during the day, but in the evening we went to the ‘Raja ki Mandi market’. Spent some time there, and I bought what I was looking for. Open-mouthed smile Shelf liners, was what I had planned to look for in that market, and I got beautiful patterns.

Next Day was for ‘TajMahal’. No words can describe its beauty. Lots of poets have tried so, so I will not even attempt it and will let the pictures do the talking.



After spending about 3 hours there, we went to ‘Sadar Bazaar’ to enjoy the Chaat delicacies and to have more of shopping experience. In the night we came back to the hotel that we had booked for the next two days. It was an okay hotel, we had our dinner there and made plans to go to Agra Fort the next day.

It took us only an hour to complete the Agra Fort tour. We could have done this with The Taj, had we known that this will not take much of time. But then, we used the remaining time to visit my in-laws place. We have rented out the house but the store is still there with us. This is the first time, that I was visiting the place after renting and really had no idea what to expect there. My MIL started taking out the stuff that was all packed in there.

And you can’t imagine, from all the stuff, I got two beautiful dollies. I mean, from this


I got these beauties ::::


Ha ha, don’t worry, these definitely WILL come out to be beautiful.

The next day, was our return. We started early, because we wanted to reach Vrindavan Vaishno Devi Temple by 12. The Vaishno Devi Temple was amazing. Such big statue of MATA was there, and the temple too was beautiful. The landscaping was breathtaking and it also had a cave like the Vaishno Devi. We were not allowed to take the camera inside, so I can only give the outside pictures.



The vacation was really relaxing as it was a much needed break from our home improvement stuff, school, and the routine monotony. I hope you also liked the pictures .. Do let me know…..

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