Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Yahoo, I found it!!!!


For past almost 6 months, I have been searching for a tiered rack to organize spices in kitchen. I had gone through almost every website, with every possible name that I could imagine. But without any luck.

tiered rack, organizer, shelved rack.

I googled and googled. I searched and searched in all online websites.

And today, when I was simply browsing through the website, for no reason at all. I was actually only window shopping, that I found this:

Disha Organiser Ivory,Racks & Holders

Pic Courtesy : Fabfurnish

OMG!! Where were you hiding till now??? I lost no time, and immediately ordered one.

I have never ordered from this website before, but I believe that it has been around for a while. The website indicated that it will take 10-15 days for it to deliver. Well, I have waited this long, 15 days is nothing !! So now, I am eagerly waiting for this to arrive.

Has it happened with you that you have found what you were aspiring for when you were least expecting it???

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