Monday, 9 December 2013

Our Home Story

Our first apartment (2BHK) story:

This is my first blog post and I am excited about it. 6 years back we moved into our first apartment.Before leaving for US in 2006, we had booked this apartment, and in 2007 when we came back, this was ready for possession. When initially we started looking for an apartment, we had been to so many builder flats, none seemed to fit in our dream home picture. After spending nearly 5 hours in the area, we were just returning back and saw this building. I said , "This is a very renowned builder. We will not be able to afford an apartment here.". Hubby -" We have seen so many. Let's try this one too." And there we went. The apartment super area was '1240 sq. ft.' As soon as I heard it, I was excited but nervous too. Other apartments that we had seen never crossed the 1100 sq. ft. mark. In fact, one apartment was 1150 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms. I wanted a small but spacious apartment and none was fitting the mark. When we went in to actually check the apartment it was a delight. It seemed spacious and airy and the best part, it had a store too. We had open space view from the balcony. WOW! SOLD! The price was a bit above our budget, but we liked this apartment so much that we went ahead with it. Then US happened and we were able to manage the EMIs and when we came back, the apartment was ready for us. Perfect timing.

Inserting some pictures of our home :

So, this is the story of our first apartment. I would love to hear yours!!

These pictures are from pre blog days. I did not take the photos of empty home when we moved in. And these are the best pictures that I could find which could show that home.

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