Friday, 13 December 2013

DIY Broom Holder

No!! I am not popularizing AAP here... Although I like that party but this post is not regarding AAP. Ha ha!!!!

Brooms, Mops, Buckets, Trashcans - All these were a common sight in my kitchen balcony. No matter

how organized I tried to keep it, it seemed the brooms just flew all over the balcony without any witch

(wink wink) to create a messy look. I was always thinking of doing something for the brooms but was

always at my wits end. I initially thought of buying a big trash can and to put all the brooms inside that

(with broom side up). But I just did not want to add clutter to that balcony anymore. Already there were so many things lying on the floor that adding one more bin for storage just did not appeal to me. I wanted something that could go on a wall. And then one fine day (I mean night), I was trying to get some sleep, and suddenly a light bulb lit up in my head. I woke up my husband who was already half asleep (Sorry dear!), and said - Hey ! I want to make a Jhadoo (Broom) holder. And he gave me a look - WHAT? Whats that? He He! Hold on .. and then I explained to him what I was thinking. And with those dreams off to sleep I went.

The next morning, I ran to a nearest shop and bought an elastic. The elastic there was not wide enough, so I asked the tailor sitting at the shop to cut the one meter elastic in half and stitch it below the other half to increase the width. After I got it, I came back home, and in the next ten minutes, I had my Jhadoo holder ready.

Here goes the picture.

 Here goes the process:

I took a leftover plank of board lying at home. If you have one, good for you, or you can just go to any plywood store and get a leftover plank from them for free or for negligible money. I had this.

I nailed the elastic on plank by making 5 sections. I kept the elastic a little bit loose so as to have the

room to lift it up to slide the broom or the wiper in. And Ta Da!!! The DIY Jhadoo(Broom) Holder is ready. I got it put on the wall, the perfect place. And This is how it looks. No more unsightedly view of random brooms on floor.

Love this!!! And the floor is clean now!!!!


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