Thursday, 26 December 2013

Mess to Bliss in 30 minutes!

After about 10 days of break, I am back. I can give lots of reasons

for being absent for this long, but I will just cut the long story

short by saying - Life happened. With visits from relative and

friends, going out of town for some family visit, getting wood work

done and then looking around for more options. So much has happened

in the past few days, but every night before going to bed, I used to

think, I will definitely write tomorrow. But somehow, the entire day

would pass, and the same thought would again accompany me to bed at

night. But today, I said enough is enough. Gather your thoughts, and

get down to work. So, here I am finally.

I was busy in the above mentioned tasks. While getting the work done

in my son's room, I decided to tackle one mess which was bothering me

for quite some time. I was procrastinating this because of one reason

or the other. But then, that day I just could not take that any more.

Here is what was bothering me:

You see, complete mess. This mess is of the broadband, phone, and my

hard disk on pogo(for personal cloud storage). I analysed that I

needed to hide all this mess in a box. My container set box was the

right sized box for accomodating this mess.

I got a wrapping paper from a stationery store.

And pass half an

hour, the mess was gone and what remained was this:

Sweet, Nice, Delightful. Isn't it? I also repented as to why did I

prolong it. It really took just half an hour. Anyways, Now I can look

at it all day long.

Now its your turn. Show me some beauty around your house!!!

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