Thursday, 12 December 2013

Happy 6 months Bday ILU!!!!

My little daughter turns 6 months (young) today. This post is dedicated to her.
She loves eating. Ha ha. Everytime, someone eats in front of her, her eyes follow
the route from the plate/bowl to the mouth. She wants to eat everything we eat.
We did 'AnnaPrashan' for her some 15 days back after doctor's recommendation.
Her weight gain in the last month was not sufficient and she was not even having milk
properly because all the time she only wanted what we were eating. So, doctor asked us
to start with semi solids and home made juices. It seems, she is teething. Also, it seems
that she is just about to start speaking. Many a times, when I am trying to make her sleep,
she starts doing 'aaaaaa...' in an impressive tone as if she is trying to make herself sleep.
One day she put her Dadiji to sleep with her 'aaaaa....'.

She loves to hear the song -'Kudiye ne tere brown rang ne' by 'Yo Yo Honey Singh'.
There is a medley that my husband sings for her -' Aha ..., Eh ...., Oho ....Aa'.
And she loves that. I sing - 'I love you my lovely little daughter'.. and she again gives a smile.

Today, we celebrated her half yearly b'day with Sir Johns cake. That is the most loved
bakery around here. The chocolate cake and bluelerry pastry were just awesome.

May GOD shower his choicest blessings on her. I wish her happiness, health, wealth and contentment
in her life. She is playing with her Dad and I just need to go to her now!!! Love her!!!

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